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BK Murli Today BK Murli Today - Brahma Kumaris Murli BK Murli Today BK Murli Today BK Murli Today BK Murli Today What is BK Murli BK Murli is part of a study when you are associated with the Spiritual University of Brahma Kumaris. This is a type of oral study conducted at the Brahma Kumaris Center throughout India and the world. The Brahma Kumaris Center receives the initial set of advances for several months or days which are read in the morning before the business day begins. There are two types of murlis learned. Sakar Murli Avyakt Murli Sakar Murli This is the original version that we believe to be the most important BK speaking through Brahma Baba. Sakar Murlis is provided every day for all centers and online media services such as this site. It is read every day. These original words come directly from Brahma Baba, and the same murli is circulated throughout the world to BK students. In teacher centers authorized to read murlis and students attending the center listen to the murli bk with complete soul and divine attention. Avyakt Murli Avyakt Murli is spoken by Bap Dada. A mediator conducts and delivers words from Brahma Baba to us. Dadi Gulzar has done this Avyakt Murli now and then. This is a direct connection to God of God from our souls. The words that come from Dadi Gulzar are so effective that they shape our lives and think to a deeper level giving us inner peace. Why Read BK Murli BK Murli is a real textual version of Supreme Shiv Baba's direct thoughts. Shiv Baba is our highest teacher who sends us daily doses of murli for us. BK is an abbreviation of Brahma Kuamris so it is also called Brahma Kumaris Murli. This valuable teaching was released by Brahma Kumaris University from Mount Abu Rajasthan. Bk Murli is a daily food for us. Everyone must read it carefully and with full attention. This spiritual mind will calm your mind and direct your mind in the right direction. The mind is something that moves our whole body and life. All the key aspects of living a good life are tough in the daily Murli Bk session. You can join a class in your location to listen to BK Murli every morning or just save a link on this webpage on WhatsApp or your computer or anywhere so that it's true. You can read murli while traveling too with the help of this page even when you are traveling to the office or returning home. If you cannot attend a free class every day to the BK center in your area, you should read and listen to it every day without being left out. Murlis provides the best life strategies and divine values ​​of inspirational thinking where you can pump yourself every day. You will start to get inner peace just by reading continuously or listening to Father Murli for a week. You have to start your day with murli first, and trust us that you will have an extraordinary day, an extraordinary life. Awareness of life in the right way is very important. This is a kind of direct relationship with God, Shiv Baba. Reading murli is the god's version of his children, connect your soul to Paramatma directly.